Trail Treats: 6 pocket snacks for mountain adventures

While winter in the Tahoe Basin means cuddling up to the fireplace and watching the snowfall outside, it also means adventure and outdoor passion. Before heading out on your own unique adventure on the slopes or trekking through the backcountry, packing the right snacks is essential to make your mountain excursion one to remember, in a good way. 

Tahoe Trail Bar

These bars are the original trail bars for any kind of adventure. These bars have been touted as the “go-to” snack for adventure-seekers in the basin since 1995. Bars were originally sold at a coffee shop on the South Shore of the lake called Hot Gossip, but the company has since grown and evolved into a business with a goal beyond profit by supporting nonprofits and public trails. My personal favorite is the dark chocolate cherry, but their other flavors include peanut butter chocolate, mango coconut and caramel chocolate chunk. All flavors are vegan, fair-trade certified, gluten-free and you can pronounce all the ingredients. One great thing about these bars is that they are good no matter how they get squashed in your pocket.

ProBar Bolt Energy chews

Need a boost of energy? ProBar Bolt Energy chews taste like gummy candies but sure pack a punch. Be careful because while these energy chews taste like berry snacks from elementary school, they will give you a boost of energy like you just drank 3 shots of espresso. They have six different flavors that will appease anyone’s childhood taste buds. My favorite is the pink lemonade flavor.

Liquid IV

Staying hydrated is a top priority. While you may think that snacking on snow might keep you hydrated, it doesn’t. When you are working hard to summit mountain peaks, getting electrolytes is a must. I recommend the lemon-lime flavor of the Hydration Multiplier or the lemon ginger flavor of the Energy Multiplier which tastes like a matcha latte and gives you a boost of energy. Liquid IV’s have real cane sugar meaning no artificial sweeteners. This helps to keep your blood sugar from plummeting on the mountain. The Hydration Multiplier also gives you three-times the hydration that water alone does. They come in small packets that can easily fit your pocket. Other tasty flavors include tangerine, acai berry and more.

UNREAL Chocolate Snacks

Are you the type of outdoorist who likes to snack on sweets to keep going? Well, me too. My favorite sweet treat is UNREAL’s bite-sized dark chocolate coconut bars. Shredded coconut smothered in dark chocolate makes these chocolates literally unreal. Plus, each bar only has 3 grams of sugar and three simple ingredients: ​​organic coconut, organic cassava syrup, dark chocolate. Treat yourself without all the junky ingredients found in other candy bars. 

Pro tip: Pop them in the snow or freezer for a bit so they get slightly frozen. Yum. 

Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds:

Need protein with a kick? Nuts are a great option when hiking, but kick up the heat with Blue Diamond’s Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. They are a bit salty with a sweet note and a spicy punch. They give plain almonds some flare while also satisfying the need for a snack. 

Pro tip: Use Stasher bags to store your almonds and other snacks on the go. They are reusable, made from non-toxic silicone and help reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Mary Jane Outpost meals 

Okay, this one is for the real outdoor enthusiasts and the ones ready to brave the storm of winter backcountry camping in the Sierras. Searching for a backpacking meal that has quality ingredients and tastes good isn’t easy. However, Mary Jane Outpost Meals inherit both those qualities. These packaged meals are hearty enough to fill you up after a long strenuous day, but don’t give you the bloated feeling other backpacker foods do. By just adding hot water, these meals give you the warmth you need after a day in the snow. All their meals are organic and ingredients are grown and packaged on their diversified farm in Idaho. My personal favorite is the bare burrito.

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