Welcome to Tahoe Magazine – the online version (finally!)

This image of Lake Tahoe’s East Shore graced the cover of the Summer 2015 edition of Tahoe Magazine. Photo: Derrick Ament / www.amentphoto.com

Since the turn of the decade, I’ve watched proudly as Tahoe Magazine has grown into the information-rich publication it is today.

During my time as editor over the past seven years, I’ve worked with myriad talented Sierra Nevada Media Group journalists, as well as a plethora of regional freelance writers and photographers, to publish hundreds of pages covering a variety of topics — from recreation to adventure to entertainment to dining and beyond — about all things winter and summer at Lake Tahoe/Truckee.

It’s been a rewarding experience to produce such a high-quality magazine that embraces Tahoe’s two major tourism seasons with such vigor and appreciation, and I can’t thank enough the amazing people (past and present) who helped put it together, burning many a midnight oil with me in the heat of countless deadlines over the months and years.

But, one thing the magazine has lacked since 2010 is a strong and stable digital presence. Sure, we’ve published articles across the websites and social media channels of our Tahoe properties, including the Sierra Sun and Tahoe Tribune, but it’s been tough for our audiences to determine which features truly originated from Tahoe Magazine.

I’m thankful to say that, as of this month, we’re finally changing that. August 2018 marks the official launch of www.tahoemagazine.com; here, you can find many of our past articles and features, dating back to at least 2013 (unfortunately, due to various technical difficulties, digital files prior to then are corrupted). We’ll also publish content from our future magazines (heads-up: our winter 2018-19 edition is coming closer than you think!), as well as relevant items from our sister publications (like the aforementioned Sun and Tribune).

Further, with the help of Claire Cudahy, our ultra-talented, do-everything SNMG journalist and special projects reporter who also works as assistant editor of Tahoe Magazine, we’ll soon be publishing content on a regular basis on our website, featuring everything from listicals to #TahoeSnaps featured photos to mini “Tahoe-to-do” features and much, much more.

And, while we’ve technically had Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for Tahoe Magazine over the past couple years, they’ve sat basically dormant as we’ve focused our editorial efforts on other priorities. However, with the launch of our website also comes a rejuvenated commitment to sharing content across our social channels and ensuring we’re spending time engaging with ALL of our audiences.

Sure, we’re behind the 8-ball in terms of our digital reach. There’s no mistaking that. But what’s in the past can stay there, IMO. What matters is our level of commitment now and into the future. So do us a favor — follow us on Facebook (@TahoeMagazine), Twitter (@TahoeMagazine) and Instagram (@tahoe_magazine), and help us spread the word.

As the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s trademark goes, Keep Tahoe Blue. For me, I want to make sure we Keep Tahoe Read — in all forms.

Kevin MacMillan
Kevin MacMillan, who oversees several publications in his role as Niche/Magazine Editor for the Sierra Nevada Media Group, has been served as editor of Tahoe Magazine since 2010. His favorite activity at Lake Tahoe is disc golf, and you can find him most days listening to the music of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Clash, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Bill Withers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chuck Berry, Cars, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica and many, many more at an agreeable (by his terms) volume.
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